> About Dynamic 14 Marketing - Overview

Dynamic 14 is a name with meaning and purpose. Dynamic is continuous change, activity, progress, full of energy, ambition, or new ideas. The 14 is for my nieces and nephews – I value and cherish them ... they make my world go round!
And that’s what Dynamic 14 is all about – energy, ambition, progress and values.
We are currently a “virtual office” allowing each member of our team to work from their home office. We work hard for our clients – meeting deadlines with ease and exceeding your expectations! We look forward to working with you!
My best,
Kaylene Schultz

A company with heart...
10% of income goes directly back into the surrounding area. It would be a true honor if our hard work can bless the lives of those in need of a little help, a second chance or a better future.